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5 Tips to help with Finances


(1) Setting financial goals allows you to work towards saving in a more manageable way. It is a good way to keep you on your budget and helps you stack on track to reach your goals

(2) Remember the difference between needs and wants in your overall expenses. having a budget can be helpful to keep track of essential expenses and lets you know how much room you have to spend on hobbies and entertainment.

(3) Some people will have their have your taxes done by a professional as there will likely be fewer errors and it will take less time. However, doing your taxes yourself allows you to understand the process and save money. Try doing your taxes your self this year or use the free tax resources available

 (4) If you want to upgrade your phone to the newest version and you're in a contract you will still be required to pay the remaining amount owing on your phone. Calling your phone provider and asking to renegotiate your contract might be a better financial option.

(5) Be cautious when you are being asked to lend money to friends and/or family. If you don't feel comfortable lending money it is perfectly okay to say no.


Tips For Healthy Dating

Consider these tips before you head out.

  • Meet in public places for the first few dates
  • Never meet someone you've met online in a private place
  • Only accept blind date recommendations from someone who knows both you and your date
  • If you have a cell phone, make sure that it is charged
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you will return
  • Double date or ask a friend to join
  • Never leave your drink unattended
  • Make arrangements for someone to pick you up
  • Don't be afraid to say NO 


Handy Advice for Better online safety

(1) Be social Media Savvy. Location features that allow anyone you are friends with to see exactly whre are brings risks. Protect yourself by disabling the GPS, webcam and microphone setting on your devices. Post your photos that have the location on them once you are safe at home.

(2) Secure your webcam. It is a privacy nightmare to think someone has remotely hijacked your webcam and is watching you with  out your knowledge. Although it is unlikely, if your laptop or desktop has a built in webcam, be sure to have a good computer security software installed.

(3) Practice Wi-Fi Wisdom. When setting the password for your Wi-Fi network, always follow the basic guidelines for establishing strong-passwords. Don't use a password that could be associated with your name, address or phone number.

(4) Dispose of digital devices safely. Whether you are recycling or selling or giving away your old device, make sure all of  your personal information has been backed up and then wiped out. Find more information online at www.GetCyberSafe.ca


How to practice mindfulness

Mindfulness can fit in to your life in many different ways. Formal practices such as yoga and meditation are great ways to work on mindfulness.

There are also many informal ways you can foster mindfulness, by bringing focused and curious attention  to things you already do. Here are some examples:

  • Mindful walking-When you go for a walk, pay attention to each step and the rhythm of you walking. Look at your surroundings, notice things and focus on the walk itself.
  • Mindful eating-Choose one meal a day to eat mindfully-breakfast is a good choice for most people. When you mindfully, chew and pay attention to the flavours and textures.
  • Mindful breathing-Take f few moments each day to practice mindful breathing. Focus on each breath and the sensations in your nose, throat, lungs and abdomen.
  • Unplug-Take time away from your phone and computer and do something you enjoy and do it mindfully.


    Clean Spaces make for happy faces

    Did you know urban places that include healthy green spaces make for happier, healthier environments. Studies show that not only are people more likely to enjoy communities that are nicely landscaped, they are also more likely to be physically active and feel safe. Some other benefits of healthy green spaces in urban environments include increased community pride, maintaining biodiversity by providing food and habitat for wildlife.