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Youth Council

The City of Peterborough has their very own Youth Council. Recently, an new 10 member Youth Council was formed for the 2014- 2015 school year. They are the voice of the young people in our community. If you wish to let us know your concerns or issues, please email us. Taking youth voices to the next level! 

email estewart@peterborough.ca for an application or call 705 742-7777 x 1805 for further information.

Mayor's Youth Award

Nominations are now being excepted for the Mayor's Youth Award. The next award ceremony will be taking place during the winter of 2015  in the Council Chambers. Applications can be obtained on-line www.peterborough.ca or by calling 705 742-7777 x 1805 or by email estewart@peterborough.ca


Top 10 reasons to Volunteer

(1) Volunteering is good for your mental health. Doing good is good for you!

(2)Volunteering is good for your physical health. Volunteers tend to be more engaged health care consumers.

(3) Volunteering is good for your self-confidence. Volunteering can instill a greater sense of pride and identity.

(4) Volunteering can fight depression. Volunteering helps you develop relationships and a support system.

(5) Volunteering expands your social network. Volunteering can help you make new friends.

(6) Volunteering can help you develop new skills.

(7) Volunteering can help you put existing skills to work.

(8) Volunteering can advance your career. Volunteering helps you develop new networks.

(9) Volunteerting can expose you to new career options. Try out some new job roles, volunteer in a different industry.

(10) Volunteering can make a difference in causes that are important to you.