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Youth Council

The City of Peterborough has their very own Youth Council. Recently, an new 10 member Youth Council was formed for the 2014- 2015 school year. They are the voice of the young people in our community. If you wish to let us know your concerns or issues, please email us. Taking youth voices to the next level! 

email estewart@peterborough.ca for an application or call 705 742-7777 x 1805 for further information.

Mayor's Youth Award

Nominations are now being excepted for the Mayor's Youth Award. The next award ceremony will be taking place during the winter of 2015  in the Council Chambers. Applications can be obtained on-line www.peterborough.ca or by calling 705 742-7777 x 1805 or by email estewart@peterborough.ca


 Check this out!

On February 21st 2015, the Peterborough Youth Poetry Experience  will be hosting an open mic and poetry slam workshop. Come out, have some fun, and learn something new! The workshop will be run by World Spoken-Word Champion, Open Secret! This will take place at the Whistle Stop Cafe. It starts at 5pm, and is free for youth. For more information contact Wes Ryan at wjrguff@hotmail.com


Only 10 % of all plastic used is recycled. Disposable plastic is unnecessary and harms our environment. Hundreds if tons of plastic are discarded each year. How can we make a difference? Many companies in the natural health industry are working to be more sustainable, such as removing outer shrink-wrapping on bottles and promising a percentage of sales to environmental organizations. When one company collected the shrink-wrap in their facility for a month, jokingly building it into a giant snowman, they quickly stopped laughing as they realized that over 300 lbs of shrink-wrap was being sent to landfills every month. Today, they recover the shrink-wrap from their manufacturing facility. As consumers, we too can make more sustainable choices and make a difference.