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When thunder roars, Go Indoors

As we head into summer, lighting awareness becomes ever more important.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of injuries and fatalities are not caused by a direct lightning strike, but by ground current and side flash events.

A second myth is that tree cover offers a safe place to shelter during a thunderstorm. The leaves of the tree may keep you dry for a short while, but your chances of being struck by lightning increase dramatically as you could be struck by side flashes from the trunk or ground current after the tree is struck. Twenty percent of lightning deaths occur from people sheltering under a tree or in an open gazebo. Sheltering under a tree is not safe!

Another wrongly held myth is that the rubber on the tires of a car or wearing rubber boots provides protection from lightning. In fact, it is the metal shell of a vehicle that provides a pathway for lightning to flow around and over the vehicle before entering the ground. This is know as Faraday cage. Rubber boots will not protect you.

A final misconception is that there is no danger from lighting if it is not raining. This is not true. Statistics show that two-thirds of damaging lightning strikes occur when the storms is not directly above the victim-but is approaching or has just passed by.

When planning outdoor activities this summer, it is important to listen to weather forecasts, weather alerts and to keep an eye on the sky as weather conditions change quickly.

Tips For Healthy Dating

Consider these tips before you head out.

  • Meet in public places for the first few dates
  • Never meet someone you've met online in a private place
  • Only accept blind date recommendations from someone who knows both you and your date
  • If you have a cell phone, make sure that it is charged
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you will return
  • Double date or ask a friend to join
  • Never leave your drink unattended
  • Make arrangements for someone to pick you up
  • Don't be afraid to say NO 


Time Management Strategies that really work

Stress is inevitable, it can even be healthy and manageable but too much negative stress can be detrimental to our physical and mental health. Stress reduction techniques are important, and developing your won toolkit for managing stressors is of vital importance. Another aspect of stress management is prevention and one of the most important ways to prevent stress is to have time-management strategies. Time management, as we all know too well, is one of those things that may sound easy but can be really difficult to implement. Below are some tips that really work:


Start your day scheduling your day

Learn how long things take

Break Correspondence into the 4 D's (delete, do , delegate, defer)


Clean Spaces make for happy faces

Did you know urban places that include healthy green spaces make for happier, healthier environments. Studies show that not only are people more likely to enjoy communities that are nicely landscaped, they are also more likely to be physically active and feel safe. Some other benefits of healthy green spaces in urban environments include increased community pride, maintaining biodiversity by providing food and habitat for wildlife.